Reviews – Avi Lebovich & the Orchestra

"This is a 12 all-star ensemble that presents spontaneity, sense of humor, intelligence and passion." - Ynet 


"The orchestra is not only a blessed project, but also a creative factory of unprecedented scale that carries quality & professional spirit." – Maariv


" Avi Lebovich's gig at last month's Red Sea Jazz Festival was quite simply one of the best in the entire four-day
program, stellar foreign acts included."  - The Jerusalem Post


"Impressive on any international scale, definitely one of Israel's musical peaks in the past few years." - Yediot Achronot


"Sexy, warm & refined, The debut album of Avi Lebovich & The Orchestra presents a sensual collage of Israeli jazz." - Nana


"The Orchestra takes us back to the sophistication and complexity of the old jazz orchestras, on the other hand, it's wonderful groove puts it in the midst of

contemporary musical world…   everything Lebovich does is rich, compound, elegant and updated"  - Haaretz


"The IJO is offering a marvelous unique fusion between traditional, black and electronic music…must come & see!" – Time Out (Tel Aviv) 


"Avi Lebovich is the best and most interesting musician in Israel. Period."

The Marker