In 2003, following a decade of intensive musical activity in New York & London, Avi Lebovich returned to Israel.
With his return, Lebovich started putting together "The Orchestra", thirteen top jazz musicians capturing the essence of the Israeli contemporary music. 

The Orchestra is a contemporary interpretation of the traditional Big-Band, which combines jazz with different musical influences such as Funk, Ethnic & Rock. With Lebovich's unusual arrangements to his own compositions, "The Orchestra" obtained a growing fan base due to it's vibrant and unique live performances and already gained an honorable position in the Israeli Jazz scene.
In September 2008, "The Orchestra" released its debut album "Groove Collage" which was immediately crowned as one of the musical peaks of that year. The Orchestra has collaborated with leading Israeli hip-hop, funk and rock artists such as Hadag Nahash, Tamar Eisenman and Elran Dekel, as well as with leading jazz musicians, such as Grammy Award winner David Sanchez.
Lebovich plans to release The Orchestra's second album during 2010.

Band Members:

Avi Lebovich - Trombone, Musical director
Alon Farber - Soprano & Alto Saxophones
Amit Friedman - Tenor Saxophone
Tal Varon - Tenor Saxophone
Lior Levin - Baritone & Alto Saxophones
Yuval Shapiro - Trumpet & Flügelhorn
Arthur Krasnobaev - Trumpet & Flügelhorn
Yair Slutzki - Trombone
Yaron Ouzana - Trombone
Yonatan Albalak - Guitar
Nitay Hershkovitz - Keyboards
Mickey Warshai - Bass
Ron Almog - Drums