Avi Lebovich was born in 1972, in Yahud, Israel.
He began studying classical piano at the age of 9. When he reached 13, Lebovich picked up the trombone and concentrated on mastering it through his high-school years in "Thelma Yellin School of Arts".
His desire to expand his musical horizons brought him to New York in 1992, where he attended "New School University" and "Mannes College of Music".
A short time later, Lebovich got the chance of a lifetime, thanks to a phone call he made to the legendary jazz master and Grammy nominee, Slide Hampton. After hearing Lebovich play the trombone, Hampton, a master trombonist & arranger himself, took Avi under his wings and offered him to join his highly distinguished group, "Slide Hampton & the Jazz Masters".
Lebovich went on tour with Hampton and was immediately marked as one of the bright rising stars of the New York jazz scene.
While abroad, Lebovich collaborated with Jazz & Pop icons such as Chik Corea,  Bootsy Collins, Phillip Baily (of Earth, Wind and Fire) , Milt Jackson, James Moody, Roy Hargrove, Brad Meldau, Larry Willis, and many more legendary jazz musicians.
Later on, Lebovich became a member of the British acid-jazz band "Incognito" and spent two years recording and touring with the band.
In 1996, Lebovich was signed for two solo albums: "Shades of Brass" (1996) and "Constant Chase" (2002). Both albums have received enthusiastic reviews.
Lebovich fulfilled every jazz musician's dream when one of his original compositions "Mr. Demargary", was published in what is considered to be the bible of jazz, "The New Real Book".
In 2003, after spending over a decade of versatile and intensive musical activity, highly acclaimed collaborations and worldwide performances – Lebovich returned to Israel.
With his return, he established "The Orchestra", a contemporary interpretation of the traditional Big-Band, which consists of 13 musicians including himself.
In 2005, Lebovich has received two of the most prestigious awards for composition and arrangement: "The Israeli Prime Minister Award" and the "Landau Award". 
Parallel to his intensive work with "The Orchestra", Lebovich is a highly demanded producer, composer and arranger who worked with top Israeli artists such as: Chava Alberstein, Shaanan Street, Marina Maximilian Blumin & Din Din Aviv. In June 2008, Lebovich was assigned to produce a 24 musicians orchestra, for what is considered to be the biggest live park concert in the country's history, celebrating Israel's 60th anniversary.